The open ocean was calm, there was not a cloud in the sky and it was hard not to ditch the mooring and find an adventure. It took a while to bail out my dinghy and the rails were a little close to the water line. I pondered buying some sort of pumping device but was content with a sawed off milk jug. A stray stone came a bit too close to Little G and I, while I was bailing her out. It came from some hooligans on the dock and I immediately yelled at them. It was nice to use my authoritative voice on some unsuspecting kids. It made me feel a little less grumpy. They were immediately apologetic and I almost felt bad after. The previous week I found several stones in Little G, most likely from the same kids.

Big G was a happy boat, sitting patiently on the mooring, ready to set sail at any moment. Her bilge was empty, batteries fully charged, cabin dry, and no mildew smell. I could hear kids hollering to each other across the bay and had an overwhelming urge to hose them with a gas powered water pump. Hopefully the manager of the marina will put the garden hose out on the dock soon. I hijacked a pop-tart from my cache and adjusted the mooring line before rowing back to the dock.



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