My boat came outfitted with a bunch of stuff on it and one item I found rather perplexing was a cassette labeled “sounds of the ocean”. After placing it in my cassette player I found it rather entertaining to listen to synthetic ocean sounds while on my boat. If you have not guessed already, evenings on the boat can be rather dull, especially if it is raining. Public radio makes things seem a little less lonely until the reception gets annoying.

One could say I have been feeling rather homesick for Stefanie’s apartment the last few days. It is nice to have good company, internet, and a large bed that does not move. The rollers last night were intense and I gave up trying to sleep at about 5am and went into the office to work. It takes a few days to get used to the simple, quiet boat life. Each day after work I look at my to-do list and choose not to do anything, make a dinner consisting of something that does not require any preparation, read a few moldy pages in my book and fall asleep around 8:30pm.  If the boat is floating and the batteries are charged, I am happy. One of many things on the to-do list is scrub the significant amount of vegetation growth on the right side of the boat. The vegetation is possibly due to the fact that Big G is listing slightly more to the right, possibly due to the fact that all my booze in stored in the right side compartments. It is a bummer to spend so much time working on the hull to have it covered in vegetation after a month. Boat life can be testing at times weather it be copious amounts of vegetation, loneliness or boredom.



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