Once again, I felt like a computer lacking the proper amount of memory to run several programs at once as I stared blankly at the hundreds of pasta sauce options at the grocery store. At the moment I am lacking refrigeration on the boat and all I want is to not have nutrient deficiency, food poisoning, or no money. Pasta is difficult on a boat due to the fact that it absorbs moisture. Even if the box is unopened it will be moldy within a couple of weeks depending on where it is stored. So ziplock bags or tupperware needs to be purchased as well, or it needs to be stored in plastic totes with the clothes. Once pasta sauce is opened it then has to be used or stored in a cold place. Of course there is no single serving size containers of pasta sauce other than something nasty like tomato paste. It can be difficult to even make a decision on flavor, not to mention size, brand, price, organic, sodium level, container type, aesthetics, and paring with moldy, organic pasta.

There are just too many variables and I could not make a decision. Stefanie completed all her shopping and found me staring blankly at the pasta sauce where she left me. I explained my conundrum to her and she just grabbed a smaller container of marinara and tossed it in the cart, problem solved. I did not argue and we moved on.


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