There are times when I want to sleep and can not, due to rollers literally rolling me over in my sleep. Sometimes there is not a puff of wind, but rollers still find their way into Winter Harbor and upset my beauty rest. My boat seems to orient itself perfectly parallel to the rollers for maximum amount of boat rolling and minimum amount of sleeping. The currents are either coming into or going out of the cove and there should be little time when Big G is not pointed into the waves. If Big G is oriented into the waves it tends to roll much less, if at all.

After a breezy afternoon with SW winds at 20-30 miles per hour I knew exactly what was coming. After getting off work late in the evening I thought I would attempt an anchor off the stern. I pulled out my slightly undersized Danforth, which I think is better than my normal size plow, and tossed it into my dinghy along with 75 feet of rope. The next twenty minutes was a game of trial and error. I rowed the anchor out a ways, dropped it, rowed back to my boat, and realized I put it out too far and did not have enough rope. After pulling it up I managed to cover my pants and dinghy with a copious amount of mud. Doing this in the dark was a terrible idea, but I attached more rope and rowed it back out to a good location.

It kinda worked. Big G was never parallel to the waves but it was a bit canted at times, causing a partial roll and I ended up just taking some sleeping pills anyway. The following morning, I was admiring my mediocre work with the spare anchor and realized it was a little bit of a hazard for the ferries.  After pondering on a solution for about 30 seconds I tied a milk jug to the line and cast it overboard then went to Stefanie’s place.


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