Stefanie’s Brother and sister-in-law were up to Maine to visit and we all came out to my boat for a sail and a picnic. After about an hour of sailing we decided not to go past Schoodic Point due to the large waves, heavy winds and sea sickness. We got out a little past Mark Island Light before turning back. Coast Guard and Marine Patrol were out looking for a lost kayaker in the area. The coast guard was requesting all vessels in the area to assist in the search. I would not have been helpful anywhere past Schoodic and opted not to go out. Big G would just get beat up and I can only do 3 knots at best with this wind and surf unless sailing down wind back to Winter Harbor. We later learned he just swam ashore, fixed his kayak and went home.

We dropped anchor off of Frazier Point for our picnic and I rowed everyone ashore. Not wanting to get tangled in a lobster trap we adjusted the anchor to a better spot and it seemed to be holding pretty good. After Lunch we left in in-laws at Frazier and Stefanie and I went back to Big G to take her back to the mooring and get the car. We soon realized the anchor was caught on something big. We motored forward, backward and in circles with no luck. I hauled on it with all my might and got it up to the anchor chain. Whatever it was stuck on probably weighed 500 pounds. I pondered putting it in the winch but did not want to stress it to much. My curiosity was peaked and I really wanted to know what it was caught on. It was so close to the surface but I still could not see what it was.

Stefanie had the, lets go look on her face and was not in the mood for messing around with the anchor. I was not quite ready to give up but I cut the line anyway. We both disliked that anchor because it ruined date night a couple weeks back. I did like the chain and hardware attached to it though. I am going to have to wait until low tide and go swimming or try to hustle a diving group into retrieving it.  I really just want to know what it was caught on.


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