It started off as a miserable day full of fog and rain. I was two shackles short of having my new anchor and chain in commission. Mold levels are getting a bit high for house standards, however as far as boats go it was about average.  The tides have been above average lately and the surf has been impressive causing very large patches of seaweed to float around like shag carpets over the ocean. I lie awake in bed while my boat is on the mooring listening to the ferry engines go into reverse as they pull into the dock. It sounds a little like a boat propeller driving through loose gravel. I was tempted to tell them their engines sound like ice skates on concrete but I figured they already know. The dense fog mixed with seaweed patches the size of football fields makes for difficult maneuvering because by the time you see the seaweed it is too late. However, seaweed patches collect stuff, usually logs, trash, buoys, styrofoam, and boards, among other things. It is best to take a look to see if there is anything worth salvaging and to my surprise I spotted an oar. It was a bit salty with worn out leather and chipped paint but it was still nicer than my oars. It felt better in my hands with a tapered handle, and the leather and girth fit into the oar lock much better. It was a great find and I have now broken even on losing oars and finding them.


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