After hauling about 50 feet of anchor line up I decided I did not want to pull any more and tied the it off on a cleat to rest.  It probably clocked in at several hundred pounds with the anchor, 30 feet of chain, and at least two lobster traps. It seems more often then not we pick up a trap or two while at anchor these days. Despite efforts to avoid them, we usually get tangled up with them one way or another. We put the line in the winch and it was putting weight on the dodger and we bailed on that idea. I was getting frustrated at this point and I put my gloves on and got it done at the expense of my back.

Getting to Sheep Porcupine island was a bit difficult, the depth was about 50 feet right up to about 30 feet from the shore line. I had to drop the anchor in a spot where it would run aground if the tide shifted, which it did. I usually pay out 4-7 feet of rope for every foot of depth, and Big G swings around on anchor depending on currents. When we got back Big G after our land excursion the depth was 5.3 feet. I hauled on the anchor line right away to get us further out and started pulling the anchor up while Stefanie started Humphrey, the engine.  When I knew the anchor was off the ground I told her to put it in gear and it instantly pulled the trap line into the prop. We had drifted a little ways by this point and decided to let the anchor fly in 50 feet of water and went swimming to clear the rope out of the prop. Stefanie told me to cut the line and I should have listened to her. Usually I save the line because traps are expensive and it’s not very nice to cut them.

When hauling the anchor up for the second time the trap broke free of the anchor and unfortunately there was not enough line for the 50-100 feet of depth and the buoy and trap went to the bottom. It will probably get snagged and retrieved by some other trap set on top of it. The buoy is also floating some distance off the bottom and could easily be grappled. I had the intention of putting it back, it just didn’t work out. About a stones throw north from where we were anchored the depth drops to over 300 feet. It’s probably a hole filled with hundreds of lobster traps.

Other then that mishap, our day was perfect. We went to Turtle island and found some sea glass, goofed around on the beach, which we had all to ourselves, found some sea anemones to poke.  After getting back to Big G we took a short nap and then made it back to Winter Harbor without even starting the engine. We even caught the mooring without having to start Humphrey. Not bad for an Amateur Yachtsmen.


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