It is a good thing I am not required to sail in a straight line. If one were watching my boat from the sky it would like I am a very drunken sailor. There is definitely an art to night sailing alone in Maine. With an auto pilot, a spot light and a little moonlight it can be done. It requires lots of running back and forth across Big G to quickly swerve around lobster buoys. With thousands of buoys in Frenchman’s Bay, and currents against me, it made for a long boat ride. There were some stretches where I had a few minutes to sit on the bow and shine my light into the water. I saw a few schools of mackerel, lots of jellyfish, and several patches of seaweed drift by with various amounts of trash. There is plenty of time for contemplation while on a boat traveling at about three miles an hour.  If the ocean is calm enough, it looks like the sky is both up and down.

It took three hours to get across the bay and I pulled into Bar Harbor at about midnight to pick up Stefanie. Words can’t explain how happy I was to have my new anchor in operation. There is nothing better than dropping an anchor and going directly to sleep without worry.

There are now three spare mediocre anchors on Big G. I am not sure what to think of this. I suppose if I lose one I can just put out another one of equal value if not worse than the first, which may not necessarily solve my problem. Or I could string them together and hope I snag another lobster trap. I suppose the traps are not a complete nuisance to boaters. If you drag anchor in any direction you will catch a lobster trap which will slow the dragging a bit. My mooring had one snagged on it for a while last season.

The anchor lost at Frazier Point while visiting with the in-laws was recovered. Fortunately for me, there are scuba diving classes occasionally at the marina and Schoodic area. There has not been a group of scuba divers that are not up for a challenge. Last summer I challenged a father and son to find my prescription glasses and grapple that were lost off the stern of my boat. I offered them money but they would not take it. Both items were waiting on my deck when I returned from work.

I did not really want the anchor back except to give it to the guy I bought it from and tell him it is trash. What I wanted off the anchor was the chain and hardware, which is worth more than the anchor itself. However, you can never have too many anchors. There is a fourth anchor at the bottom of Winter Harbor. I put it off the stern to keep my boat pointed into the waves, which worked great until the line snapped. I might try to grapple it back up but I am not sure I care enough to do it.


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